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Re-export is a procedure when the goods exported from one country are imported to another country through the customs territory of Turkey. According to the documents, the goods get the Turkish origin which is obligatory for the supplement of the goods under sanctions.
Re-export through Turkey
Indirect re-eXport
If you choose this way, the goods do not enter the customs territory of Turkey. In the documents it’s stated that the Russian company is the consignee, the Turkish company is the customer. This way is not suitable for export of sanctioned goods.
Direct re-export
In this case the shipper doesn’t possess information about the final consignee. The goods arrive at the customs territory of Turkey, get the Turkish origin and get exported to the third country. This way is suitable for export of sanctioned goods.
Consulting services
Our customs brokers give advice on customs laws, duties, fees, import restrictions etc.
Customs clearance
We prepare all the documents including invoices, certificates etc.
Storage of goods
We can organize the storage of your goods at our customs warehouse in Istanbul.
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