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Opening bank account services
4 reasons to open a bank account with us
100% guarantee
Opening an account for non-residents
You can open a bank account with a 100% guarantee with us without deposit
Our partner banks open personal and company bank accounts without Turkish residence or citizenship
Multi-currency account
For 1 hour with a personal manager
For the convenience of your bank transactions we open the most beneficial multi-currency accounts for individuals and legal entities.
For 1 hour with a personal bank manager, without queues and long waiting.
Stages of opening a bank account with us
Submitting an application
Signing a contract
Preparing all the documents
Submitting your application to the bank
Opening an account at your presence
Optional: supporting transactions and communication with banks afterwards
You have to fill the form with all the necessary information so that we could offer you the best bank for your business
Open a bank account in a Turkish bank with a personal manager without Turkish residence
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