Customs & logistics services in China

Since 2013
We speak English, Chinese, Turkish and Russian
We work with all the groups of goods
Turnkey service from supplier search to unloading at your warehouse
We provide a full range of customs and logistics services to organize import from China or export to China
China has been an attractive location for any trade business as the largest manufacturers and suppliers of any goods are located in China. Also, most Chinese factories are ready to produce goods under your own brand.
Customs & logistics services
Suppliers search
This service includes searching for suppliers in China at competitive prices, assistance in talks and signing a contract.
Turnkey delivery of goods
Our specialists can find any goods at your request and will organize production under your own brand, control the quality, do the customs clearance and organize delivery to your warehouse.
Consulting services
Our customs brokers can consult you on the customs issues, laws. tariffs, import restrictions etc.
Customs clearance
We can prepare all the necessary documents including invoices, certificates etc.
Logistics services
We can organize the delivery of your goods from or to China by sea, by air, by railway or automobile transport. We can assist you in developing the optimal route.
3 reasons to get customs&logistics services in TURK ADVISER
Multi-modal logistics
We can develop the most convenient, cheap and optimal route of multi-modal logistics.
We work with any groups of goods
We work turnkey
Our experts know how to do the customs clearance of any groups of goods.
You can give us just the name of the goods you need and we can organize delivery to your warehouse turnkey.
Over 2000 companies from all over the world have trusted us
Why Turk Adviser - №1
We accompany you at every stage of work
We guarantee the results or return your money
We work directly without intermediaries
We are working
without your presence
We speak Russian, Turkish, English, Chinese
No hidden costs or extras payments
The cases of our clients
David, a businessman
Alan and Mavis
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