Turkish citizenship

In 2022 we went to Kemer for a vacation and fell in love with Turkey! We have retired a few years ago and decided that we would like to buy real estate at the seaside and apply for Turkish citizenship to live there permanently.

So, we went to a Turkish real estate agency and the real estate agent found a lovely apartment for us at a rather low cost, about $300.000. But it was the beginning on June – and on June, 12 there was offered a new law and the cost of real estate investments to obtain citizenship was raised to $400.000. And our agent didn’t even inform us! Our friends called us and sent us a link to the news so we asked the agent to give us back the prepayment for that apartment – by the way, he hasn’t returned it yet.

Then we started to look for another company and saw the TURK ADVISER ad in Facebook. We signed the agreement and 6 months later we have become the owners of real estate in Fethiye.
— Alan and Mavis
Preliminary verification and assessment of chances of obtaining citizenship
Before signing the agreement, we checked the reliability of the spouses - in the process of obtaining citizenship, they are subject to a similar check. In short, reliability is checked using international databases of legal and business information - first of all, the origin of the funds that a person will invest in real estate in Turkey. Everything turned out to be okay with Alan and Mavis, so we signed an agreement and started looking for real estate options.
Selection of real estate for investment
We found several real estate options that were suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship and sent them to Alan and Mavis for approval. Then we helped Alan to get the Turkish TIN that is required to open a bank account and carry out the real estate registration procedure.

We entered into a purchase and sale agreement through a licensed notary and transferred the money to the seller's account. After this, Alan received a TAPU - this is a State certificate of real estate ownership in Turkey. Since both spouses planned to obtain Turkish citizenship, we made sure that Mavis was also included in TAPU.
Obtaining Turkish residence permit
In order to obtain Turkish citizenship, you must first obtain a residence permit. Since the cost of the real estate purchased by Alan and Mavis exceeded $ 400.000, they didn’t have any issues with obtaining a residence permit.

We collected the entire package of documents, translated them into Turkish, apostilled them and, together with our clients, went to a meeting at the migration office. Immediately after receiving a residence permit, we prepared a second package of documents - this time for obtaining Turkish citizenship on the basis of investments in real estate. It is important that on this basis, all members of the investor’s family can obtain Turkish citizenship without additional costs (spouse and children).
Turkish citizenship
6 months later Alan and Mavis got their Turkish passports. Now they can live in Turkey permanently and ask their children and grandchildren to spend a vacation at the seaside!
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