Accounting services

I have a logistics company in Turkey. We started to work with the Turkish accountant but it turned out to be a big mistake. We couldn’t actually communicate as he didn’t speak English. The problems started when our Turkish accountant didn’t prepare the tax declaration on time as “we didn’t provide all the invoices on time”. I was furious as I didn’t even happen to know that he wouldn’t tell me that it’s time to file the declaration. That time I had to pay a rather large fine. Then, our Turkish accountant didn’t help us in communication with banks – just nothing! So I realized that I was urgently in need of a competent English-speaking accountant. My bank manager recommended TURK ADVISER to me.
— David, a businessman
Accounting services
David gave us a specific task: he was in need of an English-speaking accountant with Turkish citizenship who could help him with all the accounting issues from bank transactions to taxes optimization.
We made the taxes audit of David’s company and suggested the roadmap of taxes optimization in accordance with the Turkish laws.

Also, his company turnover is not stable and depends on the season – and the cost of accounting services in TURK ADVISER also depends on your monthly turnover and the amount of transactions. So, David can save his money in low season.

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