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Turkish citizenship by investment

Turkish citizenship attracts many foreigners. Why? First of all, it is possible to obtain Turkey citizenship remotely. Secondly, it gives the right of visa-free entry to 111 countries of the world, the possibility to obtain a 5-year Schengen visa and a long-term business visa to the USA.

Turkish golden visa gives the opportunity to build and develop transnational business without hindrance, easily open bank accounts in most countries of the world. Turkey is an important international transport and logistics hub, which makes it profitable and convenient to open a company here.

Besides, it takes up to 6 months on average to obtain the Türkiye citizenship by investment program. Citizenship is also granted to the spouse of the main applicant and minor children.

In Turkey there is an institute of dual citizenship: that is, you do not have to renounce your original citizenship to get a Turkish passport.

Purchasing real estate in Turkey is not only an opportunity to live in an ideal climate, in a warm southern country, but also an excellent investment: the value of real estate in Turkey is continuously growing.

How to obtain Turkish citizenship?

The easiest way is citizenship by investment in Turkey. Now the threshold cadastral value of real estate to obtain Turkish citizenship is 400 000 U.S. dollars.

The next way is obtaining citizenship for investments in fixed capital or in state debt instruments. The amount of investment must exceed 500 000 U.S. dollars.

It is also possible to obtain Turkish citizenship by creating jobs (at least 50 jobs) or opening a deposit account in a Turkish bank.

However, most of our clients prefer to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment program.

Required documents for Turkish golden visa

The main document for obtaining citizenship is a certificate of ownership of real estate (TAPU) on the territory of Turkey worth at least 400 000 U.S. dollars. Moreover, the cadastral value of the property must also exceed the minimum threshold value.

From January 1, 2024 application for the Turkish citizenship can be done only in person, but you need to come just for a few days to complete the procedure as there is no requirement of permanent residence in Turkey to obtain citizenship. TURK ADVISER will help you collect a checklist of documents, open a bank account for the official purchase of real estate and make a currency exchange document (a certificate confirming the legality of funds for the purchase of real estate and the fact of exchange of foreign currency into Turkish liras for the transaction).

Eligibility for turkey citizenship by investment in real estate

The right to obtain a Turkish passport is given by the purchase of any property worth more than 400 000 U.S. dollars, built and acquired legally. If you purchased a property worth more than 250 000 U.S. dollars before 13 June 2022, you also have the right to obtain Turkish citizenship for investment in real estate.

By the way, it is possible to apply for a Turkish passport even in the case of acquiring a property under construction or in installments.

If you need counselling – please contact us! In 2023, TURK ADVISER specialists have helped more than 100 clients obtain Turkish citizenship for property investments.

We know all the legal issues and will help you not only with all the bureaucratic procedures, but also with finding the perfect investment property to suit your needs.